Blackbeard's Ghost


The story of Blackbeard's Ghost.

Blackbeard was one pirate that left fear in the hearts of all that encountered him. He wore a very long black beard in which he created pigtails with black ribbons. He terrorized sailors of the Atlantic and the Caribbean for 27 long months, stealing all their cargo and killing anyone that dares oppose him.

Blackbeard’s favorite hang out was Teach’s Hole just off Ocracoke Island. Here he would host large round the clock parties for days with drinking, dancing, and bonfires, which would light the night sky.

Citizens of North Carolina knew that Blackbeard was there having his infamous party after ambushing and killing another ship in November of 1718. They sent word to Governor Alexander Spotswood of Virginia. The governor sent two sloops with Lieutenant Robert Maynard of the Royal Navy in command to capture this treacherous pirate. On the 21 of November, Maynard’s ships arrived. Maynard watched as Blackbeard’s ship the Adventure, sailed toward the shoreline, so close that it looked as if it might crash before it quickly darted into a narrow channel. One of the ships followed; however, Blackbeard fired cannons upon the ship in which many of Maynard’s men died. The rest of the men hid in below deck until the pirates boarded the ship. As Blackbeard and his pirates boarded, they were met by Maynard and his sailors.

The pirates were outnumbered and soon knew the battle was over. This is when Maynard and Blackbeard finally met face to face. The battle began and in the end one of Maynard’s men cut Blackbeard’s throat from behind. The men rushed Blackbeard in which it took five gunshots and 20 cuts before the pirate fell dead.

Since, everyone wanted to ensure Blackbeard was in deed dead they cut off his head. They threw his body overboard and left his head hanging from the bowsprit.

Today, Teach’s Hole is still haunted by the headless body of Blackbeard. Many have claimed to see his body floating on the surface of the water or swimming around in search of his head.

Blackbeard's Ghost

Blackbeard's Ghost

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