The Melt Shop Ghost


The story of the Melt Shop ghost.

This ghost can be found in an old closed down melt shop in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The story is much more than legends told by workers at the shop since one young man lived to witness the horrified ghost relive his death and the agonizing screams as his body melted away in molten steel.

In 1922, a workman tripped over a rigger hose and fell into a ladle of hot steel. His poor body was liquefied before anyone could do a thing to save him except hear his screams of agonizing pain as he died. They did not recover anything to bury for his family except for a small nugget of steel. The story began of how this workman would come late at night and search for his body.

Prior to the melt shop’s closing a young man began working there that laughed at scoffed at the tale. He was so sure that these were just lies to frighten him that he volunteered to work the late night shift. He enjoyed working the shift since it gave him more money than working the day shift and he was for sure not afraid of any ghost real or not.

Before long without any incidents, the young man became known as fearless since he would work all night without ever mentioning the appearance of the ghost. However, one evening he found him self all alone on the furnace floor. He should have already left for the night, but had stayed to complete a small task. He began to hear a muffled sound coming toward him, along with glowing white mist. When the mist was close enough to distinguish, the man could make out a man in workers clothing. As the man began walking even closer, he tripped and fell into the hot ladle of molten steel. The young man stared in horror as the man screamed for help and tried in vain to pull himself up and out of the certain death. As the man melted away, his face was twisted with pain before he vanished before the young mans eyes.

The young man ran from the melt shop screaming louder as the ghost began to let loose a maniacal laugh. The young man never returned to the melt shop.

Today, the melt shop may be closed, however, passerby’s have reported hearing the screams of the dying man, and then the maniacal laugh that proceeds.

The Melt Shop Ghost

The Melt Shop Ghost

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