Highgate Cemetery Haunts


The story of Highgate Cemetery Haunts.

Most people have heard of the Seven Wonder of the Ancient World, but very few know that one of the most haunted cities in Europe, London, is the proud holder of the "Magnificent Seven", the seven older private cemeteries of the United Kingdom where haunting occurs any time, any day.

Out of all of them Highgate Cemetery, the so-called Victorian Valhalla, is the most bizarre and scenario of diverse paranormal and unexplainable phenomena, from ghostly apparitions to vampires, UFO's, and strange pagan practices. Famous also for the flora and fauna haven, the cemetery is home to the corpses and "living" ghosts of Charles Dickens and Dante Gabriel Rossetti that have been seen nearby their tombs.

In the 19th century, the cemetery ran through the west side of the actual Swain's Lane, but eventually extended to the East side for a total of 37 acres with 52,000 graves, 168,000 names engraved, and not less than 850 notable people buried here. The Egyptian Avenue, a pathway that connects both sides of the cemetery, is the place where haunts of ghouls are commonly observed, including spooky sightings reported by paranormal investigators from USA and Greece.

At the end of Egyptian Avenue, the Circle of Lebanon features a Gothic area of family vaults with a Columbarium, place for urns and catacombs where most haunting activity occurs in Highgate Cemetery. In the top, a three-century old Cedar of Lebanon, after which this area was named, is the ideal location to see from the distance a man who walks below in the circle going through the Columbarium walls.

In the highest point of the cemetery, Italian craftsmen built a mausoleum for Julius Beer with a cost of 5000, which are about 2 or 3 million pounds today. Beer was a poor German resident of London that left Frankfurt to make a fortune in the Stock Exchange; however, he suffered the ostracism of the Victorian High Society, always concerned with the inheritance of people rather than their commercial success.

Hurt by their attitude, Julius Beer ordered that his mausoleum were built at 1000 feet above sea level and above all other graves in Highgate. Beer made his dream came true becoming to the Lord of the Highgate’s death and today he has been seen rejoicing this fact, observing visitors since the higher point of the cemetery is where his ghost "lives".

Highgate Cemetery Haunts

Highgate Cemetery Haunts

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