Ireland's Castle Leslie


The story of Ireland's Castle Leslie.

Located in Glaslough, 2.5 hours north of Dublin in County Monaghan, Castle Leslie has been the scene of many strange phenomena associated to the Leslies, one of the oldest Scotland's families whose history can be traced back to Atilla the Hun. Although, the first Leslie was formerly a Hungarian nobleman who became chamberlain and protector of Margaret Queen of Scotland.

Castle Leslie is today a 1,000-acre estate offering lodging, dining, and catering services, but still property of the Leslie family since 1665, although the actual castle was built in the 19th century. Visitors to the castle can expect bells ringing without anyone shaking them. Many people have reported gray human shadows walking in the corridors of the castle and even the clear figure of a man dressed in black.

Like any other old castle, the Leslie has its own old church and a family cemetery, but also an usual, modern UFO landing pad and a playground for ghostly kids that have been seen by many guests. Sir John Leslie, a War veteran who still lives in the castle, is pleased to talk about haunts and lead visitors to its labyrinth roads twice a day. Desmond Leslie is the President of the Irish UFO society and has written exhaustively about the ghosts that "live" in the family's property.

The Red Room of the castle is “inhabited” by Norman Leslie, the ghost of an uncle who died abroad in 1914 and returned to the castle as a haunt after his death. Samantha Leslie, actual owner of the castle and daughter of Desmond Leslie, found recently as another inhabitant in the castle's basement. This haunting is a scary gray man that has not been identified yet.

In the Mauve Bedroom, Lady Constance Leslie is caring for the family since 1925 when she passed away. She is also associated to the levitation of the room's bed. However, the most noticeable haunting manifestation resides in the Banquet Hall, in which the presence of a monk causes a noisy phenomenon with orbs easily observed every time it occurs.

Castle Leslie

Ireland's Castle Leslie

Ireland's Castle Leslie

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