Cole Adams House


The story of Cole Adams house.

There is a haunted house in Detroit Michigan, however, the new owners will not discuss if any of the past hauntings are still occurring and will not allow visitors.

As the story goes, a family by the name of Cole-Adams moved into the house during the 1960’s. They really loved the lay out with a small cozy bedroom off the kitchen. This would be perfect for the man of the house to sleep during the day since he worked the third shift from midnight to eight in the morning at the Cadillac assembly plant. The home also had a utility room, an attic, and a trap door to the cellar.

The very first day that Bill slept in the room, or tried to sleep, was one of the most horrifying times in his life. He dreamed of a bludgeoned woman wearing a blue dress with a fur jacket. The scary part was her decomposing face. He thought he was in dream, opening the closet door to find this woman mutilated and blood soaked in the closet. He awoke soaking wet with sweat and scared to death. Of course, he rationalized it wad a mere “bad dream” and decided to sleep in the room no matter what. The dreams became worse day after day. He then choose to move to the master bedroom until he was the handling the stress of his new job better, believing this was the cause of the dreams.

Bill’s mother came to visit and of course, she was given the haunted bedroom, since no one really believed the room was in fact haunted. However, she did not get a wink of sleep with all the pounding coming from the closet as if someone wanted out and someone pounding on the bedroom door to get in.

After, this no one would enter the room including their dog; therefore, Bill locked the door and put the key away.

Then a friend came to town and they gave him the room for the night. They did not say a word about the strange happenings, still believing it could not be haunted. A short time after midnight, the friend was awakened by someone rolling him over in bed. He saw a woman leaving his room heading toward the kitchen. He believed the woman dressed in blue with a fur jacket was Lillian, Bill’s wife. He got up to see what she wanted when all the lights went off in the house and then flicked back on. Dick found himself in the kitchen with Lillian where she was washing her hair in the kitchen sink. All of a sudden, a sickening odor filled the room, a scream or wail occurred and then the trap door in the kitchen floor opened and slammed shut. The police were called but after searching the entire house, could not find an intruder.

Shortly after this incident, Bill and Lillian took their family and moved.

Cole Adams House

Cole Adams House

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