Proctor House


The story of Proctor House.

Proctor, Oklahoma is a small little village in Adair County just a short drive from the Arkansas border. Here long before Oklahoma became a state many wished to live in this unique part of the country. Several people came long before the land run and set up their home, however, not all survived with such things as disease, Indian attacks, and in some cases brutal weather in the way of drought.

One man chose this area to build himself a small home in this quiet village. The man died of unknown circumstances. Everyone in the village of Proctor knew that the man or at least his ghost still lived in the home as if he did not want to go over. Maybe still protecting his home and land from those that would try to take it from him whether Indian or white.

There is only one person that has come forward explaining the haunting. A couple with a grown daughter was living in the home. They had heard all the stories surrounding the man’s ghost but had not had any trouble with seeing or feeling his presence. Their daughter and her children came to visit. They were to sleep in the guest bedroom that adjourned the master bedroom through a bathroom. The daughter and mother stayed up late after the children and father went off to bed. When they decided to retire, they left the bathroom doors open in between the rooms and crawled into bed.

Shortly, after retiring, the daughter heard the faint sound of the springs in her parents bed squeak as if someone was getting up from the bed. She heard the footsteps on the wooden floor coming her way through her parent’s bedroom, into the bathroom, and then the carpet into her room. She assumed it was her mother. She could feel the presence of someone standing over the bed; she asked her mother what she wanted. No one replied. She asked again, and her mother still in bed in the master bedroom, asked her what she needed.

No one saw the unseen person or heard any other sound the rest of the night.

Proctor House

Proctor House

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