Tinker Place


The story of Tinker Place.

A haunted house resides in Greensboro, Alabama, however, it is a private residence and the occupants do not wish ghost hunters to snoop around so they do not allow guests or tours. No matter, whether they wish to visitors or not the rumors and stories of ghost still abound especially through the local residents.

The home was built in 1835 in an old southern style for a lady by the name of Susian Truman Tinker. She was a socialite that did much for the cultural development in Greensboro. There is not much about Susian in the history books, however, she loved her home and had many guests and parties. She was not one to leave much because of the love she had for this house.

Many people have seen what is believed to be Susian wearing gray clothing warming her hands by the fire. She is often seen around examining the china and crystal in the china cabinet. She is still even after death a real southern lady that will smile and nod at guests in her home.

The first person to report seeing Susian was Mrs. Turpin who at the time owned Tinker Place. She saw Susian standing in a doorway dressed in gray. Susian very politely smiled at Mrs. Turpin.

In 1934, while Mrs. Turpin daughter, Mrs. Waller, and grandchildren were eating dinner in the dining room, the grandchildren asked who the lady dressed in gray was that standing near the table. She walked through the doorway of the dining room, across the living room, and went up the stairs before vanishing.

A friend of Mrs. Wallers had become ill and was recuperating in an upstairs bedroom. One evening she called for Mrs. Wallers to please come up and turn on the overhead light. Mrs. Wallers did not have to come up as Susian had heard the pleas and pleasantly turned on the light herself.

As far as anyone knows, Susian still resides in her home and is being a gracious hostess.

Tinker Place

Tinker Place

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