Blue Ridge Haunts


The story of some Blue Ridge haunts.

Part of the Appalachian Mountains in the Eastern United States, Blue Ridge is a mountain chain that runs from Georgia to Pennsylvania, famous for the bluish color of the mountains when they are observed from the distance.

Situated on the southern edge, the Blue Ridge Parkway encompasses 469 miles of nature trails and ghosts that document this area as one of the most visited haunted places in America, although visitors require a permit to visit or investigate inside these spooky areas.

Closer to Pisgah, North Carolina, there is a covered bridge road outside Asheboro leading to "Terror Town". This is an 18-acre farmland area in which numerous haunting have been reported since several years ago, but the most noticeable is the voice of a girl that can be heard deep in the forest once visitors reach this point of the mountain.

Other manifestations occurring along the farmland include a ghostly black horse crossing the road and running through the woods and different ghosts that can be seen wandering in the place under the moonlight, such as the boy who sings under a tree in which he was hanged. The Blue Ridge Parkway scenic drive has witnessed ghostly people who stop drivers and then disappearing into the thin air.

In the mountain range close to Natural Bridge, Virginia, visitors can enjoy the Haunted Monster Museum inside the Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park and then get frightened after discovering real ghosts in their pictures, apparitions that were not seen while they shot the camera.

From the Ridge Mountains another unexplained phenomena is observed from two different points of the parkway. The Brown Mountain Lights a sort of luminous orbs that float across the air through the mountain and suddenly disappear. Closer to the area in which these manifestations occurs, the Linville Caverns are home to the Nunnehi, little people similar to elves but from a ghostly origin according to the Cherokee Indians, who believe that the Blue Ridge Mountains are home to countless spirits scattered throughout all the range.

Blue Ridge Haunts

Blue Ridge Haunts

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