Whitechapel, London


The story of Whitechapel, London.

In the late 19th century, a man of an unknown origin became a serial killer that murdered five prostitutes in Whitechapel, an impoverished London Borough of Tower Hamlets east of the city.

There are many speculations about the real identity of this sexual psychopath that presumably was a doctor who killed them as revenge after his son died of STD, although recently found evidence found him to be a sailor from Argentina who stayed briefly in the city.

Regardless of the real identity of Jack the Ripper or the reason that lead him to murder, his first victim, Mary Ann Nichols, is reported as the haunt commonly seen today late at night in Whitechapel's streets.

Nichols was a 43-years old woman known as "Polly" who was savagely attacked, stabbed at the stomach and across her throat. Polly has been seen at the spot where her body was found, but also as a prostitute easily recognized by her demodé clothing.

It is believed that this ghost attracted other ghosts and hauntings to this place, including other victims of the serial assassin. The Tube (London's underground rail) is another spot where Whitechapel ghosts have been reported.

Closer to the crime scene, part of the old St Mary's station (Whitechapel Road) can be seen between Whitechapel to Aldgate East stations. Closed in 1938, this station is the spot of a ghostly scene in which people aboard the passing trains have seen a man they identify as Jack the Ripper chasing a scared woman that suddenly disappears.

People who are really serious about haunting or want to dig deeper into the unexplained can easily join the Jack the Ripper's walk starting at the Ten Bells Pub, a bar situated in Shoredich's Commercial Street, east London.

People who go on the trail of Jack the Ripper can get a reward offered for physical evidence of these ghostly apparitions, similar to the prize offered to people who can get a picture of Nessie at the Loch Ness Lake.

Whitechapel, London

Whitechapel, London

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