San Pedro Haunted House


The story of the San Pedro haunted house.

Barry Taff investigated one of the most astonishing case studies in the United States in modern times back in 1989. The haunted house is located in San Pedro, California; however, the entity, which was haunting there, seems to be a traveling poltergeist.

A poltergeist is a German word that literally means "noisy ghost" but commonly used as a term to refer to paranormal activity that is usually associated to haunted houses. Perhaps no other entity case has caused as big a commotion as the Jackie Hernandez case, also called the San Pedro Haunting.

After unexplainable phenomena occurring at her home, Jackie Hernandez sought help by calling parapsychologist Dr. Barry Taff. Dr. Taff. Dr. Taff along with cameramen Barry Conrad and Jeff Wheatcraft, visited Jackie to determine if the house was haunted or if a phenomenon was occurring because of her emotional problems.

In fact, the house expelled strange odors and moving objects were easily perceived without the need of special equipment. Jackie reported a glowing ghostly cloud and other apparitions that tried to suffocate her and hurt her baby.

Dr. Taff witnessed weird sounds, unexplained lights, and an undefined substance dripping from the kitchen cabinets, at the time that Conrad was violently attacked by an entity identified as a man, who tried to strangle him.

At some point during the investigation Dr. Taff thought that Jackie was creating the phenomena unconsciously, but things did not return to normal at home when Jackie Hernandez moved out.

The entity was following her from one place to another, but subsequent owners of the San Pedro's house were unable to stay there for longer than six months because of the paranormal phenomena haunting the place, although it diminished in intensity in the late 1990’s.

Witnesses say that the ghost in San Pedro is a male apparition, easily observed at twilight and Jackie Hernandez, who still lives in San Pedro, simply does not want to get close to the dwellings in which she lived the worst haunting experience of her life.

San Pedro Haunted House

San Pedro Haunted House

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