Swains Lane, London


The story of Swains Lane, London.

Swains Lane is the perfect scenery to live all sorts of haunting experiences when visiting London. This winding woody road is located in the borough of Camden, about 18 minutes northeast of Archway's tube station, from which it runs uphill crossing the village of Highgate towards Hampstead Heath.

Highgate Cemetery is the hottest haunting spot in Swains Lane, but there are also a number of old structures in which haunting activity is continuously reported, including The Flask and Ye Olde Gatehouse, both public houses rated as pub establishments in present days.

The Flask is situated at the back of the cemetery and perhaps this location contributes with reports of continuous apparitions occurring at any time of night and day. Ye Olde Gatehouse is one of the oldest houses in London which history dates back to 1310.

The Bishop of London adjoined this area to his hunting estate and kept a toll-gate to access it, but pulled down in 1890. Charles Dickens and Lord Byron were frequent visitors of this place, and today their ghosts keep wandering around here.

On Swains Lane, there is another haunting place adjacent to the cemetery, which is the Holly Lodge Estate, a series of mansions built in 1798, which became famous after Queen Victoria selected this place as rural retreat. In the late 1990s, many witnesses saw the Queen walking in the gardens of this property by the side of her beloved Prince Albert, and spooky activity remains in the place until today.

The first route of a cable car built in Europe ran from Archway to Highgate Hill between 1884 and 1909 following the trace of Swains Lane. Residents of this area say that a cable car used to break the silence that surrounds the cemetery by night.

However, the street by itself is also the scene of paranormal activity along the exterior walls of the cemetery, in which ghosts, and evidence of witchcraft and sorcery works are commonly found every day after a human vampire was seen at this place in the 1970s.

Swains Lane

Swains Lane, London

Swains Lane, London

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