Chapel of the Cross


The story of the Chapel of the Cross.

Chapel of the Cross can be found on Highway 16 in Madison County, Mississippi about halfway between the towns of Flora and Madison. This old 1852 Gothic style chapel has been the story of manifestations for several years.

Mrs. Margaret Johnston built the unique and exquisite chapel in memory of her husband. Even though construction began in 1852, the complete building was not completed until 185. Along with the unique design, there was a French stained glass window, a baptismal font created with only one stone, an altar, a communion rail, and of course a pipe organ. Today, the church is still the place of those of the Christian community to serve God.

However, this chapel has more than just those wishing to pray and learn more about the bible. At six pm sharp, the doors to the chapel and the gate to graveyard are securely locked to allow the ghosts that reside there to have their time.

By the grave of Henry Vick, a young stands and cries, however, if anyone tries to come close, she vanishes. The story of this love is a tragic one. Mrs. Margaret Johnston had a young daughter that was in deep love with Henry Vick. In 1857, the daughter was engaged to the Henry. The wedding never occurred as Henry was killed just a few days prior to the wedding in a duel. After his death, she would stay beside his grave and cry day after day. She finally made it through her grief and after a trip to Europe married a minister. It is believed that it is her ghost that still stays close to Henry’s grave to this day.

The original pipe organ will play music with unseen hands late at night after all is locked up tight. Among other strange occurrences mad giggling will fill the air, blood stains appear and disappear on the stone floor, a ghost has been seen walking through the front wooden door. Some of these are believed to be the spirit of a caretaker that twisted off and cut off the head of his wife who was mentally unbalanced. After cleaning up the gory mess, he then hung himself.

To this day, the Chapel of the Cross remains locked in the twilight hours to give this ghosts free reign of the property.

Chapel of the Cross

Chapel of the Cross

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