Heceta House


The story of Heceta House.

Heceta House was built as a type of duplex to be the home of the two families that took care of the lighthouse 13 miles north of Florence, Oregon, over 110 years ago. Today, the lighthouse is an Interpretive Center during the daylight hours and a bed and breakfast at night.

The Heceta House may have innkeepers, however; it also has an unseen caretaker that began to give her two cents in the 1970’s when renovation was underway. This caretaker called Rue is a nit picky and fussy woman that is seen and heard throughout the inn.

Rue is heard clicking lights on and off, coming up from the cellar, and moving dishes around in the cabinets. She of course, will vanish if a person enters the room. Rue is so good at her checking out and caretaking the house, that even if the cabinet doors are locked the evening before you can find them open wide the next morning. Rue does not like the house when it is very cold, as a matter of fact; she enjoys a very hot home. If she thinks it is too cold, she will of course turn up the heat while the innkeepers are sleeping.

One night while the innkeepers were having friends over to play a game of cards, they heard the high-pitched scream of a woman. It is believed she did not want them playing cards in her home.

A carpenter had a close encounter with Rue while he was polishing a window in the attic. She appeared full figure in front of him floating a few inches off the floor with a very stern look on her face. He rushed right through her and through the only way out of the attic, the trap door. He did not even consider using the ladder that he used to go up into the attic.

James saw Rue one more time before he called it quits. He was on the outside of the attic, fixing a broken window, when she once again appeared in front of him staring out of the broken window. That was it for James, he did not want that cranky lady watching him from beyond the grave and disapproving of his work. The glass from the broken window was found later that day all swept up in a pile when no one had entered the attic.

Rue is believed to be Mrs. Frank DeRay who was one of the lighthouse keepers many years before. While her husband was the caretaker of the lighthouse, she was the stern person in charge over the house.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Heceta House

Heceta House

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