Phillips Mansion


The story of Phillips Mansion.

If you ever travel to Grand Rapids, Michigan you may want to at least drive by the Phillips Mansion, whether you have the nerve to enter or not. Today, it is a private residence so driving by maybe all you can really do.

This mansion is a two story in the Georgian Revival style, which is complete with gaslight fixtures and furnishings from the period including 19th century sculptures and paintings.

The home was originally built in 1864 with eight rooms while the kitchen was placed in a shed nearby. As the years went by new owners added more rooms and new décor.

In 1880, the home was purchased by James T. Phillips. His family lived in the mansion for 32 years.

In 1912, Dr. John F. Burleson purchased the home for his family. They lived there until 1934 when a strange fire forced them to leave.

In the 1940’s, the mansion was a home for elderly women. In 1952, investors purchased the mansion and transformed it into apartments. In 19732, two women that were renting an apartment on the second floor had a terrifying experience with beings from beyond the grave. Once again, the mansion was sold, this time to private owners, Ward Paul and Chuck Schwander. These men restored the mansion to its beautiful grandeur.

As for ghosts, there are three that are most apparent, however, they may be more.

The first recorded frightful experience was during the time the mansion was used as apartments. One of the young women awoke in the middle of the night in 1972, with a large head of a young blond haired man floating above her near the ceiling. The head floated across the room smiling down at her as it disappeared. Another experience was a blinding light that filled her room. Finally, in 1973, a terrifying evening occurred which had the two girls packing and leaving their apartment for good. The same girl that had witnessed the above occurrence awoke feeling someone was lying beside her in her bed. When she turned toward the person, she saw a very old, thin, wrinkled lady lying beside her. She could hear her breathe and could see by her face she was in terrible pain. The young girl screamed and ran from the room. When her roommate came to see, the only thing left was the impression of where the old lady had been lying.

After this, the mansion was purchased by Ward and Chuck as stated beforehand. Chuck heard footsteps on the staircase that came all the way up the stairs, down the hall, and stopped just outside his bedroom room. When he opened the door, he saw nothing and he was alone in the mansion. Ward had unseen hands, pull his big toe one evening while he was lying in bed reading, fully awake.

Throughout the years, objects move, bumps and thumps are heard, and heavy footsteps are heard, vibrations would knock pictures from the wall, and trash would be thrown all over the rooms from any waste basket that was not emptied.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the eerie occurrences. If you dare to investigate, be prepared to encounter a ghost or two.

Phillips Mansion

Phillips Mansion

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