Sise Inn


The story of Sise Inn.

In 1881, John Sise built this Queen Anne style mansion in Portsmouth, Massachusetts. In the beginning, the mansion was the private home to John Sise and his family until the 1930’s. However, as with many mansions throughout history it has been home to various establishments such as business offices, a doctor's suite of offices, a beauty parlor, a fashion shop, apartments, and a half-way house for mental patients.

Staff members, guests, and even a previous mental patient have witnessed ghosts and strange occurrences. It is believed that the ghost is one female and one male; however, no one is for sure if there are more entities.

Some of the strange things that have happened include playing with ice from the ice machine with ice being found thrown about and doors locking and unlocking by unseen hands.

One evening the ice machine on the third floor began working. The clerk knowing no one was staying on the third floor went to investigate. Once there, a trail of ice was noticed leading from the ice machine to suite 204 with a pile of ice in the doorway of the opened room.

Suite 204 has a mind of its own or the ghosts that reside there do not wish to be disturbed. One evening, guests found their room key would not unlock their door and even the desk clerk could not unlock the door. After trying unsuccessfully, a locksmith had to be called at 4am since there were no more rooms to rent. However, once the locksmith came, and used the couple’s key, the door opened without any type of trouble.

The key was often missing for this suite as well; however, it always reappeared in the mail within a few days of its disappearance.

Other strange happenings:

A male has been seen by several maids is quite the bit aggressive, he has touched and shoved them around.

A male asked for another room when he was startled by a potted plant flying across the room.

The elevator works all by itself going up and down with no guests on board.

Sise Inn

Sise Inn

Sise Inn

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