Bullock Hotel


The story of the Bullock Hotel.

Bullock Hotel is located in the infamous city of Deadwood South Dakota on Main Street along with many other wonderful historical buildings. The difference with the Bullock Hotel that makes it stand out from the rest is the spirits that still reside there.

Seth Bullock and a partner of his by the name of Star built a nice upscale hotel in Deadwood, which of course, was still very wild at the time in 1894. This upscale hotel burned to the ground. However, Seth Bullock was not the type of man to be kept down. He was the sheriff of Deadwood, so you must understand his determination to keep law and order along with creating a quiet town in which to raise his children.

In 1876, Seth and his partner once again built another hotel. This time it was over a fireproof store and warehouse that had survived two fires. The Bullock Hotel was opened this time in 1895. Seth lived in this hotel until his death in 1919 in room 211. He as buried on the trail to White Rocks above Mount Moriah Cemetery.

Since the death of Seth Bullock, his hotel has seen many renovations, but the spirits never seem to leave. The recorded manifestations began around 1989. No one is for sure if they were there prior to this time or if something during this time disturbed, the ghosts that call Bullock Hotel their resting place.

The main apparition is of course Seth Bullock, himself. He loved his hotel and he cannot leave it to others to watch over. Many have seen him walking through the halls on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Some guests have even heard a friendly male voice calling them by name, when no one was in the room with them.

However, Seth is not too fond of idlers. If employees stand around with nothing to do, Seth will get them moving. Glasses and plates begin to move and fly across the room. if that is not enough to get lazy employees moving I do not know what is.

These are a just a few of the ways that Seth makes his presence known.

Bullock Hotel

Bullock Hotel

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