Villa Theresa Guest House


The story of Villa Theresa guest house.

The Villa Theresa Guest House is located at 801 Almond Street in Hot Springs, South Dakota.

This beautiful house sits atop a large hill that has a magnificent view of the town of Hot Springs along with a majestic view of the black hills area.

This 5,000 square foot home has 20 rooms and was the creation of developer Fred T. Evans in 1891. His idea was to have a place for the rich and famous to enjoy the hot springs near-by, gambling, and of course the company of a few ladies of the evening.

In 1916, a mansion was built on the property close by and in 1925 the Villa Theresa was purchased by the owners that built the mansion nearby in 1916. The Guest House has always been a place for travelers to stay whether a hotel type building or bed and breakfast.

The Akhtar family purchase the guest house in 1974 and called it home until the 1980’s. They were not really comfortable in their new home at least for the first two years, as they could feel that someone or something did not desire their company.

As for ghosts, yes, Villa Theresa Guest House has a few spirits roaming around. A beautiful woman has been seen descending the stairs in a long, turn of the century evening gown that had a thin, lacy ruffle on its bodice.

Another ghost, a male, would hide behind a railing near by one of the rooms that once was the home to prostitutes. He was not happy and would stare you straight in the eyes as if he wanted you gone. This apparition looked more like an old black and white photo, but was real enough when he stared you down.

Fighting Ghosts? Yes, on the stair case. A man and woman in an argument when all of a sudden the lady grabs the man by the hair, he picks up the woman and throws her over the railing. The woman was wearing a 50's style, full poodle skirt, and white, roll-down socks. The story is that a maid that worked here during the fifties disappeared without a trace.

These are just a few of the strange occurrences and ghosts that haunt Villa Theresa Guest House. Plan a visit and see what you might learn.

Villa Theresa Guest House

Villa Theresa Guest House

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