Cedar Grove Mansion


The story of Cedar Grove mansion.

Cedar Grove Mansion is located at 2200 Oak Street, Vicksburg, Mississippi. It sits upon a bluff that overlooks the Yazoo River.

The mansion today is one of the largest bed and breakfast in Mississippi with beautiful columns, verandahs, porches, roof top garden, gardens, gazebos, water fountains, and more.

John Klein when he was 30 years of age took Elizabeth Bartley Day at the young age of 16 to be his wife. He gave Cedar Grove Hall to her as a wedding present. The final construction was not complete on the home until 1852. During their time, they had 10 children born and raised in the home with only three children passing away.

John fought for the South during the Civil War and left Elizabeth at home pregnant. The Union army attacked their home, however, Elizabeth was related to General Sherman and he had her moved away to give birth to her son away from the approaching Union army. General Sherman turned Cedar Grove Hall into a hospital thus for protection of Elizabeth as well as a hospital for wounded soldiers.

John returned home unharmed back to his wife after the war and they lived in the home until 1919 when the home was sold.

In 1983, the home was purchased again by Estelle and Ted Macky. The Macky’s put the mansion back in order the way they were at the time of the John and Elizabeth Klein. This is when the ghosts began to appear.

Bad occurrences at the Cedar Grove Mansion include one of their son’s when he was 17 was accidentally shot when he dropped his gun and it discharged. Two infants passed away and one daughter passed away from a childhood disease.

John Klein has been seen in the watching over everything happening in his home. Many can smell the odor of his pipe tobacco that he enjoyed while living.

Children have been heard playing throughout the mansion as well as a baby crying. A young girl has been seen going up and down the stairs leading to the second floor.

Elizabeth has been seen walking down the stairs.

Cedar Grove Mansion

Cedar Grove Mansion

Cedar Grove Mansion

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