Haunts around Germany (1)


Some haunts around Germany (1).

If you plan to visit Germany and wish to check out some of the local haunts then here is a list of towns including their haunts.

Babenhausen: Babenhausen Kaserne:
In the Museum basement do not be surprised when the lights go on and off by themselves and you will even hear voices of the unseen. In the training area, you may get a glimpse of soldiers in Nazi uniforms. In the barracks, people have heard footsteps, phone calls of a woman talking backwards, and toilets being flushed by unseen hands. In this German town, a witch was hung during the 1800’s. Many believe that her ghost seduced and killed five soldiers in the early 1900’s. Even today, soldiers have heard a woman voice on the telephone talking backwards.

Belgium: Chiny:
La Ferme Noir or the Black Farm is part of the Belgian Boy Scouts Hostel Ring. Scout troops often visit here even with the strange occurrences. While sleeping in the dormitory on the third floor several people have been awoken by a man in a Boy Scout uniform that asks for “a light to guide the way.” As soon as the light is turned on, the man walks toward the stairs and disappears. It is believed to be the ghost of a boy scout that missed the stairs and fell to his death in the middle of the night. The ghost only appears about twice per year.

Bernkastel-Kues: Cemetery:
At this cemetery, you may see The White Lady of Bernkastel-Kues with a long white dress floating from one to another. The story is that at times she cries. However, another story about this ghost concerns a hunter. He was terrified when he first saw the ghost and saw at it. The next day he was taken to Koblenz, a military hospital, with swollen legs and a high fever. He was rambling on and on about a white lady that attacked him. He died.

Bitburg: Bitburg Air Force Base:
The French Cassern is nearby this air force base. The French Cassern was a popular meeting place of the Nazis. Here you will hear doors shut and lock and see furniture moved in front of doors so they cannot be entered from the outside.

German Haunts - Part 2

Haunts around Germany (1)

Haunts around Germany (1)

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