Haunts around Germany (2)


Some haunts around Germany (2).

If you still have time during your vacation around Germany to check out more haunted areas then you may wish to visit these if you are not too scared.

Many of the haunted areas around Germany have a history during the reign of the Nazi’s. Several buildings were used as hospitals, holding areas for Jews, soldier’s barracks, and of course, the final resting place of many, the Nazi’s felt were inferior.

The list of other haunts in Germany includes:

Concentration Camp in Dachau:
This camp is nearby Munich. Pictures taken inside building and outside on the property when developed show odd shapes in red and black.

Kelly Barracks in Darmstadt:
In one of the old barracks, ghost enjoying turning water faucets on and off. Many visitors feel as though they are being followed through the hall.

Throughout the entire town, many have the screams and moaning of unseen women and children. This area was home to a hospital during World War II where many women and children died during the Dresden disaster.

Underwood Barracks in Hanau:
One incident occurred when a young girl visiting the barracks had scratches appear on her arm and thigh. It is believed the scratches were from a ghost of a soldier that died when he fell from a window.

Witches Tower and Nazi Amphitheater in Heidelberg:
Many have heard the wails and seen strange apparitions. Those that visit on moonless nights have the urge to run as quickly as possible to get away from some unseen fear.

Kranzberg Castle in Keansburg:
Hitler’s 92’s Headquarters during World War II – Visitors and workers alike have seen strange occurrences throughout the castle.

Conan Barracks in Scwheinfurt:
During the Nazi reign this was a Nazi hospital, psyche ward, and a dining hall for Nazi’s. Today, it is home to US soldiers. On two different occasions, two American soldiers that had not spoken to one another happened to have the same strange occurrence. Late at night, a Nazi soldier awakens the soldier with a nurse nearby covered in blood. The soldier speaks to the nurse in German and the nurse then leans over and tries to choke the American soldiers. Both times, the American soldiers awaken. Neither soldier knew about this occurrence from the other.

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Haunts around Germany (2)

Haunts around Germany (2)

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