O'Brien House


The story of O'Brien House.

The O’Brien House is located in a quiet little town about one hour from Bloomington, Wisconsin. The owners of the home prefer not to be disturbed by the living, as they now believe the ghosts have gone on to their final resting place.

The home was built in 1895 and by the time, anyone knew that ghosts were in the home it was 1985. The home at this time was 140 years old and had several add-ons.

On November 1, 1985, the O’Brien’s moved into this quiet little town and into this house. They had one little girl age eight; a little boy age one, and Mrs. O’Brien was pregnant at the time. In August of 1986 when their new baby was 4 months old, strange things began to happen. The first occurrence was when Mr. O’Brien retired for the evening; the new baby was in the room next to his sleeping quietly. Mrs. O’Brien and the two other children were downstairs. Just as he started to drift off to sleep, the baby began screaming and crying. He went into the room to check on the baby when he saw a woman in a long light colored dress float up to the baby and quiet the baby. Then the woman vanished before his eyes. He immediately went downstairs to see that his wife was still playing with the other two children and had not gone upstairs.

The next ghost he saw was a little blond haired boy that just stood by watching him while he was sitting in the living room alone watching television. He was standing inside the doorway of the downstairs bedroom and could see into the living room. He vanished when Mr. O’Brien spoke to him.

These ghosts were kind and maybe a bit nosy; however, another ghost was also in the home. The little girl was playing with one of her friends when the door closed shut and the handle moved. Both girls felt an unfriendly presence and ran down the stairs. After this time, the girl began having nightmares.

The O’Brien’s called on a psychic to help them rid their home of the apparitions. The psychic reported there were three ghosts in the home all from different time periods. The lady is believed to be one of a nanny. The little blond boy had been abused and died of starvation. The mean spirit was one of an old man that had a very bad drinking problem.

It is believed this home is no longer haunted as the psychic communicated with all the spirits and stated they had gone to the other world. The psychic also placed a protective circle around the O’Brien family.

O'Brien House

O'Brien House

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