King's Tavern


The story of King's Tavern.

King’s Tavern can be found at 619 Jefferson Street, close by the intersection of North Union Street and Jefferson Street in Natchez, Mississippi.

The beginning of the King’s Tavern dates back to about 1768 when it was built by the British as a block house for Fort Panmure.

In 1789, after the Revolutionary War, Richard King purchased the building and moved his family here from New York. He created the block house into a tavern and inn. During this time in history, not every was nice; of course, there were several highwaymen outlaws such as the Harpe Brothers that frequented the inn. Richard King sold the tavern in 1817. It was then a private home until it was sold in 1973 in which it became a tavern and restaurant.

Some of the horrific scenes that occurred at the King’s Tavern include:

Big Harpe was drinking in the tavern while a woman with a fussy baby was staying upstairs in the attic room. She was trying to quiet her baby when Big Harpe staggered his way up to her room, grabbed the baby, and smashed its head against the brick wall. After killing the baby, he went back to the tavern for his drink.

Richard had a mistress on the side. Madeline was a 16 old girl hired as a server in the tavern. No one knows exactly how Madeline vanished, but she left without a trace. Some speculate, Mrs. King either hired someone or killed Madeline herself. Her body was found at a later date inside the chimney wall where she had been for years. Along with her body, the remains of two men were discovered.

Shadowy apparitions have been seen passing through the stairs. The fireplace in which the three bodies were found would emit heat even without a fire going. Madeline haunts the building and is quite mischievous. She loves walking across newly mopped floors, and play jokes on guests. Many have heard her giggle after she knocks things off shelves, pours water from the ceiling, and rock the chairs that are hanging from the wall.

Some have heard the sounds of a fussy baby coming from the attic. A dark man with a top hat has been seen often.

King's Tavern

King's Tavern

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