Henniker House in New Hampshire


The story of Henniker House in New Hampshire.

Henniker House can be found on a hill overlooking the town of Henniker in the southwest part of New Hampshire on Highway 114. This home is now privately owned however, if you just mention Ocean Born Mary, the locals will tell you the story about this infamous ghost resident.

As the tale goes, Mary Wallace at one time owned the home on the hill and she comes home every Halloween in a horse drawn coach. However, the tale has different twists as no one has actually seen Mary or if they have, they have never told a soul. Some locals say that Mary never leaves her home and is still living there even after her death.

What is Mary’s story? Mary received her nickname “Ocean Born” Mary as her mother gave birth to her on an Irish immigrant ship by the name of the Wolf in 1720. Pirates attacked the ship shortly after her birth. The pirate Don Pedro asked her mother to name her in the honor of his mother Mary. The mother did as he asked; therefore the pirate spared the ship, its belongings, and all the passengers.

The ship sailed into Boston and Mary’s parents decided to call Londonberry, New Hampshire their home. This is where Mary grew up, married a man by the name of Wallace, and gave birth to four sons. After the birth of their fourth son, Wallace passed away.

The pirate Don Pedro retired from piracy and built a mansion on 6,000 acres in Henniker, New Hampshire. When he heard the news that Mary was a widow with four sons, he invited her to live with him. He still had a soft spot in his heart for the little baby that was born at sea. Mary agreed to his offer and married Don Pedro. Her and her sons lived very happy with the ex-pirate.

However, life was not to end happily for Mary. Mary found her husband dying in the garden from a knife wound. He requested to be buried under the hearthstone in the kitchen, which Mary did. Mary lived in the home until her death in 1814 at the age of 94.

Several visitors to the home state they have seen a red haired woman about six feet tall with beautiful green eyes standing by the upstairs bay windows and on the central staircase. Others have seen the same ghost throwing something down the well. Others still claim to see Mary riding throughout the countryside in a ghostly coach with ghostly horses.

Many more stories float around about Mary and when she has been seen in the town of Henniker.

Henniker House in New Hampshire

Henniker House in New Hampshire

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