Route 66 Ghost Tales through Oklahoma


The story of Route 66 Ghost Tales through Oklahoma.

If you decide to travel across America by driving along Route 66, you are sure to hear all kinds of legends and tales about the ghosts that appear from one of Route 66 to the end. Traveling through Oklahoma, you may wish to detour or take a different route than Route 66 through the towns of Catoosa, Claremore and El Reno unless you are not afraid of a little ghost or two.

Traveling south along Route 66 in Oklahoma, you will drive into a city by the name of Claremore. You may have the wish to stop and spend the night but if you decide to stay do not venture out to the TV station. This once unique building use to be Baird Hall, a part of a Military Academy before it was known as Rogers State University. The legend of the mysterious footsteps, toilets flushing and other strange phenomena is told like this. A Native American that attended the military academy had been accidentally killed during a hazing ritual; it is believed that he still haunts the building.

If you decide to keep traveling along Route 66, you will soon find Catoosa, Oklahoma. As you drive through Catoosa, remember to stay on Route 66, if you take a wrong turn and end up on Highway 412 around six miles from Catoosa you may be reporting the same accident that many others have reported throughout history. Once you arrive at Timber Ridge Cemetery there is no turning back, this is where the little Native American boy has been seen or even hit by passer-bys. The little one had stopped along the roadside with his bicycle and a car struck and killed him. He was buried in this very cemetery, in the first row next to the gate, near the bottom of the hill. Several people have actually felt themselves hit the boy and find bloody handprints on the on the fenders of their cars. Others have seen him kneeling along the road, while quite a few others have even suffered damaged to their cars after hitting the boy that vanishes. Remember when traveling Catoosa, stay on route 66 and do not travel on Highway 412 unless you wish to stare fate in the face.

El Reno which is another city along Route 66 has a legend all of its own, as well. You must travel the road that is known as the Mother Road in between El Reno and Weatherford to find the ghost of a humped back man. You may see him wearing a brown trench coat, and a hat that is a Bogie style and he will have it pulled down over his eyes. He loves to appear on foggy or rainy nights. Some people have stopped along the roadside to pick up the eerie man only to have him try to leave the vehicle will it is motoring down the road, once you stop he gets out, but you will see him several miles ahead of you on the same road. Either way, remember, do not pick up what you may think is a hitchhiker on this lonely stretch of highway.

Route 66 Ghost Tales through Oklahoma

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