Waverly Hills Sanatorium


The story of the Waverly Hills sanatorium.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium located in Louisville, Kentucky (USA) started out as a treatment centre for tuberculosis patients in the year 1910 and was eventually expanded from it's wooden beginnings into the brick and concrete building (currently derelict) that stands today.

An approximate sixty three thousand deaths have occurred in it since it's founding of which quite a number of these deaths were blamed on the alleged abuse and reported unorthodox experimentation upon the ill.

Kentucky saw an alarming rise of tuberculosis in the beginning of the nineteenth century and was possibly the worst struck state in the whole of the United States. Some claim that at the worst point of the epidemic the death rate at the Sanatorium was one per hour. Whole families were occasionally admitted to the Sanatorium out of which some were completely wiped out.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium was, during the epidemic, a hospice at best though there were patients who were eventually cured and discharged.

People venturing into the premises have reported hearing screaming within, echoes, mysterious cold spots, hot spots, phantom smells (mostly pertaining to food near the cafeteria and kitchen) and seeing fleeting specters.

One of the common sightings is of a little girl who allegedly plays a game of 'Hide and Go Seek' with people wandering into the now abandoned Sanatorium. Another apparition of a little boy playing a game with a ball of old fashioned make had also been reported. The specter of an elderly lady with chains attached to her limbs has reportedly been seen running with her wrists bleeding in front of the building. She has been heard to have called "Help me! Somebody save me!" The phantom of a man in a white coat has been sighted near the cafeteria and kitchens. Room 502 has seen people jump to their deaths from its windows and is the room a nurse apparently hanged herself according to legend. Voices are still reported to be heard here. Mysterious slamming doors and strange moving shadows have been reported on the fourth floor of the Sanatorium.

Visions of a hearse ferrying coffins have also been sighted. Apparently lights in the abandoned buildings go on and off even though there is no power. The Waverly Sanatorium is now old and falling apart and is often used by teenagers and stoners looking to get high so the drug influenced hallucinations and as such this is one explanation for some of the bizarre sightings. Though, with such a bloody history as this you be the judge.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

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