The doomed alley


The story of the doomed alley.

The neighborhood of Pisach has always been ground for much controversy and ‘chill thrills’. The spooky and deserted ally is enough to imagine the worst, while shadows play truant on your eyes. However, not all this fear comes from just the way the ally looks or the number of people who keep moving to other localities. Pisach has a house number ‘31’ that is most avoided and has a history that lives on even as the tenants never stay longer than a fortnight.

Number ‘31’ used to be home to the Welsits’ who moved in for peace and quite. The home was designed for them, even before they moved in. While Mr. and Mrs. Welsits loved the garden and patio, Sam, their eighteen-year-old adopted son, preferred the attic. He spent hours there with his paintings and fresh canvas that kept being painted upon. Sam loved the attic for the peace and quiet it offered him.

All was well, till the 6th of June ’66. Sam came up to the attic to find the fresh canvas that he had set up the previous evening with a portrait of himself! He stared at the features and except for a scar that ran on the forehead of the portrait on the canvas, it was him alright. First, Sam thought that his father had attempted the portrait, Mr. Welsits being a good artist himself. He did question his father but found out that his guess was wrong! Sam felt that this was all part of a big surprise on the 13th of the month and so he decided to probe no further.
The following night, the Welsits ere awakened in the middle of the night with sounds of someone moving in the attic. First, Mrs. Welsits heard the sound and woke her husband and son. On walking up to the attic, they were met with a frightful sight. Every painting that Sam had completed had his portrait etched out boldly and superimposed on his work! This had the Welsits completely freaked out. The next morning they called on the parish priest and invited him over. The parish priest visited the Welsits’ home with an assistant, who showed signs of recognition on seeing Sam. However, the assistant could not remember where he had seen Sam before. The priest blessed the home and the attic and led the Welsits’ in prayer.
Two days later, during Mrs. Welsits visit to the community clinic for her treatment of rheumatism, a nurse looked at Sam with fright. The Welsits felt something was amiss and took the nurse Ms. Koe into confidence. She revealed that she had seen the bodies of Sam with his wife in the hospital morgue a few years back and the reason she remembered was that the couple were said to have planned the suicidal car accident they were in. Sam, she said was known to have had debts that he could not get rid of, even as his wife was with child and turned to alcohol for escape. The media coverage of the accident revealed that tired of life, on one sober day, Sam took his wife out on one last drive. As violent as he was, he loved her too much to let her survive the ordeal and debt.

Of course, Ms. Koe had no idea that Sam was not the Mark Svelt she was referring to. On being told the truth, she jumped out of her skin. This also explained to the Welsits why people in Pisach seemed to avoid too much of association with them and just let them be. The grocer, the mailman…. suddenly made sense. They organized a sťance with a local medium that further revealed that Mark’s wife Maria’s soul was in a state of unrest on losing her baby because of Mark’s folly and she identified with Sam’s presence strongly.

The Welsits did move away, but only after a car accident that claimed Sam’s life. The people of Pisach still swear to the voices and figures heard and seen in Number ‘31’.

The doomed alley

The doomed alley

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