Stull Cemetery


The story of Stull cemetery.

The Stull Cemetery in Kansas is one of the most famous haunted cemeteries. “Haunted” may in fact be too mild a term as it has been said that it is one of the most Satanic places on earth. Due to the evil stories that have been told about this place, it is also one of the most controversial landmarks in America and holds as it’s claim to fame, “One of the Seven Gateways to Hell.”

Stull Cemetery lies in the sleepy little town of Stull, Kansas. An abandoned church still lies beside the cemetery. The town itself would probably have been completely forgotten, if not for the stories of evil that surround it. The actual town holds only about twenty residents, very few houses, and one new church.

The stories that have been told about Stull Cemetery and the old church include stories of witchcraft, ghosts, and supernatural happenings. Although it’s been said that these stories have been told for hundreds of years, the first to be documented weren’t until 1974. It was at this time that the University of Kansas newspaper ran a story about the cemetery saying that it was haunted and that the devil himself appeared there twice a year. The article told many stories that had been handed down through the generations but it also included some student’s first hand experience with the grounds.

One student claimed to have his arm grabbed by something that could not be seen while others reported that they had lapses in memory while they stood on the property. The article also spoke of witchcraft and devil worship that happened on the grounds.

The article stirred up much controversy in the town of Stull. The article amused some of the residents while others were enraged that people would say such things about something in their town. The pastor of the new church claimed that he believed the stories could be attributed to the imaginations of young, university students.

But then talk began again in the 1980s. A story came out at this time that two young men visited the cemetery and became scared when strong winds came out of nowhere. They were so terrified that they ran back to their car, only to find that it had been moved to the opposite side of the highway, and facing the other direction. Another man claimed that he too had felt this wind but he had been inside the old church at the time. His claim was that the wind was so forceful it pushed him to the ground and would not allow him back up for a significant period of time. It has also been said that rain will not fall into the old church although the building has no roof.

The stories of the devil appearing there say that he will come at midnight on Halloween night. While this seems to be too horror movie-like, the sheriff and authorities will not allow any visitors at this time although people are welcome to come visit until 11:30pm. And while the residents of Stull deny all the rumours surrounding the cemetery and the old church, they will not tear the old church down to end the rumours. So one has to decide for themselves if the stories are true or really just the workings of overacting imaginations. Although it is important to remember that even if the stories are fictional, what brought them up in the first place if there isn’t a grain of truth in them?

Stull Cemetery

Stull Cemetery

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