Edgar Allen Poe’s House


The story of Edgar Allen Poe’s house.

With someone who wrote as classically as Edgar Allen Poe did, it only makes sense that the home he lived in would be haunted. After all, such a legend deserves a legend that remains on the earth. Poe actually had many houses but it is the house that stands at 203 N. Amity Street in Baltimore that is haunted. And someone other than Poe haunts it.

The small house is two and a half storeys and is a brick row house. During his stay there, Poe lived in the small attic room and it is so cramped that grown adults usually have to slouch because they cannot stand tall. Poe’s aunt, Marie Clemm rented the house in 1832, two years after it was built. When she moved in she took Poe with her along with Poe’s grandmother and two of his cousins. One of these cousins was Virginia Clemm, who he married later in life. Poe lived there until 1835.

The Edgar Allen Poe Society of Baltimore took over the house in 1941, after it was nearly torn down. It became open to the public and is run by Jeff Jerome, who was been the curator since 1977. One of the many points of interest in the house is a painting of Poe’s wife taken from her corpse.

Many different sightings of hauntings and strange happenings have been talked about over the years. It’s common for doors and windows to open and close by themselves. In 1968 a neighbour of the house called the police after seeing a light move throughout the darkened house late at night. The police arrived and noticed the light move from the first floor, up to the second, and then into the attic but when they entered the house, they didn’t find anyone there.

Jeff Jerome has not denied the presence of a spirit living within the house but he has said that he does not believe the presence is Poe and has reminded the different sources that many people lived there, as it was a rental home in a slum area. It does seem that the majority of spirit activity seems to take place in the bedroom that belonged to Poe’s grandmother, Elizabeth Poe. Many people have been tapped on the shoulder while standing in her room. A radio station was doing a broadcast from the house when several people who were there heard voices in addition to other noises. Psychics have visited the house to learn more about the spirits and they have seen an elderly woman dressed in 1830s garb. Psychics have also reported feeling a presence in Virginia’s and Poe’s rooms as well.

Today the house stands as not only a museum but also as a frightening landmark. Street gangs will not vandalize it because they are frightened and people living in the town have admitted to being scared of the house as well. Some have also said that Poe’s ghost haunts the entire town and that he races across rooftops looking for children to torture although this last has never been documented and is probably untrue. Residents have also said that they have seen Poe on the first floor of the house writing on a writing desk. This contradicts other facts that have proven that Poe did his writing in the attic.

Edgar Allen Poe's House

Edgar Allen Poe’s House

Edgar Allen Poe’s House

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