the Angel Inn


The story of the Angel Inn.

Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario is one of the most haunted towns in Canada. It is here that the Angel Inn stands, originally known as The Harmonious Coach House. The history of this building dates back all the way to 1789 when it was built.

During the war of 1812, The Harmonious Coach House was a safe haven for British soldier Captain Swayze. He hid in a wine barrel to avoid the Americans, who were getting nearer. He died in that wine barrel, by the hand of an American holding a bayonet.

Once the Americans had begun to retreat, the Harmonious Coach House, along with most of the town’s other buildings, were set on fire and burned to the ground. In 1815, a man named John Ross rebuilt the Harmonious Coach House and renamed it the Angel Inn. After that time, the building was named several other things including the Mansion House and Fraser’s Hotel before it went back to the name Angel Inn.

It was during the 1820s that rumours started to rise about the Inn being haunted. One of the earliest rumours came from a newspaper that claimed that tables were constantly being rearranged, laughter and conversation as well as footsteps could be heard from the empty dining room, and that glasses in the cupboards were always clanking together in the cupboards. Shortly after that report, the owner stated that he was woken from bed one night when the horseshoe that he had nailed to a post had been removed and thrown twenty feet to the floor.

More recently, it’s been reported that the laughing and conversing can still be heard from the empty dining room and that a military fife can be heard coming from an upstairs bedroom, along with sounds of drumming. Still today, there is said to be elegantly dressed men and women wandering around the Inn, dishes still rattle in the cupboards, and chairs will sometimes be thrown into kegs of American beer. Perhaps the most famous story relating to the Inn however is the man sporting a red coat that can sometimes be seen in the mirror of the ladies’ room, which is directly beside the cellar that held the wine barrel where Captain Swayze spent the last few moments of his life.

The Angel Inn

the Angel Inn

the Angel Inn

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