Tombstone, Arizona


The story of Tombstone, Arizona.

In Arizona, there is a town that has been said it’s, “too tough to die.” This town is Tombstone, Arizona and it is steeped in history. This town is the home of famous landmarks such as the OK Corral and Boot Hill Graveyard. This was a common resting place of many cowboys that were making their way through town and for some it was the final resting place. Not only are the streets still filled with historic landmarks, they are also filled with many lingering spirits that don’t seem to want to leave.

In Tombstone, Arizona, it’s said that the streets themselves are haunted. One spirit that still sticks around is that of Marshal Fred White. On October 28, 1880, Curly Bill Brocius and the other members of the Clanton Gang where shooting their ammunition around town solely for fun. Marshal White unfortunately got in the way of their bullets. Brocius and his pals were very respectful of White and generally were quick to stop with their antics whenever he asked so, the bullet was not actually meant for White. White had gone to stop the shooting when a bullet hit him in the groin. The resulting wound was not thought to be fatal and it was believed that White would recover fine. However, it was a short two days later that he died. He is now thought to haunt the area where he received the fatal blow. Back in his day, this was simply an empty lot but the Bird Cage Theatre was built on the lot one year later.

Another cowboy spirit is known to roam the streets. This spirit is believed to be Virgil Earp as he is only seen in the area where Earp was shot in the arm and wounded for life. He wears a long, black coat and when he is seen, he is crossing the street although he never makes it across.

There are conflicting beliefs on who the woman is that wears a long, white gown and walks the streets. One belief is that she is the mother of a child who died from yellow fever in the 1880s. It’s thought that she soon after took her own life because she was stricken with grief over the loss of her child. Others believe that she ran a brothel in town and was hanged for her wrongdoings. Those who believe this also believe that she is looking for those that had a hand in killing her.

There were many reasons for deaths in Tombstone, Arizona in the 1800s. Not only were the cowboys and their ensuing fights and draws reason for many deaths, it was also burned by two terrible fires. Forty people lost their lives to these fires and the entire business area of the town was completely burned. There’s no doubt that Tombstone, Arizona saw many deaths in its day so it’s no wonder that so many spirits remain lingering around today. The spirits that were there during the fires are said to appear with horrible burns on them. It’s also been said that often smoke and the smell of various items burning can also be smelled for no reason.

Tombstone in 1891

Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona

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