The Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming



The story of the Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

“The Magic City of the Plains,” as Cheyenne, Wyoming was known in the late 1800s seemed like the perfect place to build a luxury hotel, according to the Industrial Club in 1909. The decision was made at a dinner party when Thomas Heaney, the club’s President announced that Cheyenne needed something elegant and modern to spruce up the town a bit. Up until that point, the biggest hotel in town was the Inter-Ocean, which had become a place for locals to come and have a few drinks after a hard day’s work than it was a place for rich travelers to spend their days and nights.

An architect by the name of William Dubois designed the hotel quickly and construction began in June 1910. By March 1911, the Plains Hotel was ready for its grand opening. The hotel soon became known as a place of extravagance and anyone who stayed there would talk endlessly about how wonderful the services and amenities offered at the hotel were. However, the hotel was soon to be the eternal resting place of two of its guests.

The story is about a woman named Rosie and her new groom. The couple had come to Cheyenne on their honeymoon and had chosen to stay in the luxury of the Plains Hotel. The groom grew restless one evening and decided to go downstairs to the bar for a drink. It was there that he met a prostitute. Rosie grew even more restless as time passed and decided to go find him. Stopping in the bar’s entrance, she saw her man and the prostitute sitting at the bar, being fun and flirty with each other. She watched both of them for several minutes until they left and went upstairs to the woman’s room on the fourth floor. Enraged, she followed them both and after they had been inside the room for another several minutes, she burst the door open only to find them in bed together. Engulfed with rage, she shot both of them with the gun that was none other than her groom’s. Fleeing the scene and going to her room, she then killed herself.

Ever since that fatal night, guests and employees of the hotel have been witness to all three ghosts. Housekeeping staff have said that they can hear sounds coming from the room that Rosie stayed in. The sounds are those of both laughing and crying. They often open the door and no one is inside. Rosie has also said to be seen walking around the second floor in a long blue gown.

The groom doesn’t often stay in one place too long. Perhaps he is overcome with guilt, and that makes him restless. He is most often seen on the fourth floor where he was shot and he is also seen at times in the basement. He is seen in early 1900s formal garb. This includes a long black dress coat with tails, black boots, and a white shirt that features a large silver button at the top.

The prostitute still lingers around as well. She is seen wearing a short red, lacy dress. One particular spooky Halloween, the hotel was decked out in Halloween decorations. In the spirit of the holiday, they placed two mannequins in the lobby. One was dressed as a bride and the other was a groom. One day when an employee was in the lobby while the mannequin decorations were still in place, they noticed the ghost of the prostitute. Just as they noticed it, the mannequin that was dressed like a bride fell to the ground. The employee had just enough time to look down at the mannequin that had fallen before the ghost was gone.

The Plains Hotel is still host to many visitors today as they travel through town on their way to other destinations or, like the honeymooning couple, simply to enjoy the town of Cheyenne. It retains its historic features but offers amenities that satisfy today’s more modern clients. Although these guests are temporary, these three guests will most likely stay at the hotel forever.

The Plains Hotel

The Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming

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