Ivy House Inn


The story of the Ivy House Inn.

In Casper, Wyoming is a quaint house that appears to have nothing unusual about it. It was once owned by a woman, named Mrs. White and then was later turned into a lovely bed and breakfast that offers out of town guests a place to rest in between their various activities of enjoying the town of Casper. The home was built in 1916 by Mr. and Mrs. White with three stories. Two beautiful grand front porches were added in 1940, making the construction of the home complete. The home has the beauty of the prairies on one side and the grand and spectacular Rockies on the other.

Mrs. White lived a full life until she was 93. After her passing in 1995, Tom and Kathy Johnson purchased the house in 1996 with the thought of turning it into a bed and breakfast. Tom Johnson believed that ghosts were entirely made up of shadows and people’s minds playing tricks on them until he purchased the inn with his wife. He then changed his mind when they began renovating the house so that it could function as an inn. It seems that Mrs. White was not pleased that her home was being changed. Tom was working with his power drill when it suddenly stopped working. He turned around and saw that it was unplugged and that the cord was hanging in the air on its own. It dropped to the floor after a few seconds. On another occasion when Tom was working around the place, a hammer simply left the room all by itself.

Mrs. White was said to be controlling in life and it seems she’s no different after her death. She doesn’t like people smoking or drinking in her home and so she will make it unpleasant for them until they stop doing so. Mrs. White has also been seen in many photographs that did not originally include her and when the photographs are revisited, she will not be in them. Her face has been seen in mirrors and windows and often guests have said that they heard a knocking on the door and saw doorknobs turning as though someone was about to enter. When they answered the door however, no one was there. Smells sometimes also fill the inn that have no business being there. Smells such as old menthol cold medications, the smell of a pad scouring a skillet, and smells of baking chocolate have all tickled the noses of guests and the owners. These smells come about when no one is washing dishes, no one is baking, and no one is taking cold medication.

Mrs. White has also been seen walking down one of the hallways, maybe looking for her two Siamese cats, which are also believed to live there as well. These two cats are often seen running around the inn while some guests have also reported that a cat slept in their bed purring happily. But an elderly woman and cats aren’t all that is seen around the Ivy House Inn. There is a parking area in the back of the inn and it is here that car alarms go off quite regularly and for no apparent reason. One guest even saw a young man standing by her bead and then heard a male voice ask “Isn’t it funny when people get lost?” There’s also a particular room downstairs that has guests talking. It’s in this room that many people who have stayed there have claimed to have a dream where a young man walks back and forth from the sink to the closet. No one knows if this is Mr. White or not but the owners assume that it is.

Although it may have a few extra guests, the Ivy House Inn is open for business and provides all the comfort that one, living or otherwise, could want in an inn.

The Ivy House Inn

Ivy House Inn

Ivy House Inn

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