The LeLaurie House


The story of the LeLaurie House.

Found at 1140 Royal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana is the LeLaurie House, a home that is believed to have been built by Madame Delphine Macarty LeLaurie. She was a known socialite in New Orleans and was very wealthy. Within the house she kept many slaves and seemed incapable of doing anything for herself. It was a common joke that she had one slave for everything, including picking up her own teacup!

It was in 1833 that the slaves of the woman began disappearing. One of them, Lia, was running away from LeLaurie as she screamed for help and looked for ways to escape. She found her way to the rooftop and when LeLaurie caught up with her, she beat the slave. Still trying to escape, Lia continued to fight her and fell over the rooftop, plunging to her death. Although there were witnesses, LeLaurie hid Lia’s body in a well on her property. The authorities found it however and forced her to sell her remaining slaves at auction. Even though she did this, LeLaurie’s friends bought her slaves and gave them back to her.

On April 10, 1834, the fire department responded to a call from the LeLaurie house. When they arrived there they found a cook who had been tied up in the kitchen. The cook admitted that she started the fire on purpose but only to call attention to what was going on in the house. She told them to go to the attic where there was more help needed. When the police joined the fire department and they went up to the attic, it was a gruesome sight. Here were all of LeLaurie’s victims. Some were brought here after they had been killed by her and others had this room as the last place they’d seen. One thing was true among all of them and that was that they had all been tortured and died terrible deaths.

But this time, her friends would not help her. It’s believed that she ran to Paris and was killed by a wild bull. Others believe that she ran to Paris only to return to the States a short time later to live under her new name, “Widow Blanque.” Although it will never be known how many people she murdered in total, it’s known that there were many. As the home has undergone renovations, skeletons of some of her victims have been found.

The house has served many purposes since that time. It has been a girl’s boarding school, a tenement, an antique shop, a bar, and it now houses apartment units. Many who have lived there over the years have reported seeing apparitions, and hearing noises as well as screams. LeLaurie herself is the most seen ghost and one man woke up one night to her choking him.

There’s also a man on the stairs that was one of LeLaurie’s slaves that likes to meet people on the stairs before disappearing. Many of the other servants have also been encountered in the home and there are photographs near the spot of Lia’s death and they usually show orbs of light. Those who aren’t serious and professional about ghost hunting are advised against searching out LeLaurie’s ghost as it’s thought that she is quite dangerous.

However, the current tenants don’t make mention of her ghost. Ghost tours are still available although one may not even be needed. It’s said that simply walking down the street will give you the opportunity to hear shrieks and screams coming from the house.

The LeLaurie House

The LeLaurie House

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