The King House


The story of the King House.

In Mayport, Florida stands The King House, which is actually the second house to be built on that spot with the same name. The house that can be seen today was rebuilt after a fire destroyed the house that originally stood there. In the early 1900s the home was bought by John King and he remained there until he died in the 1970s. John King was well aware of the hauntings that took place around his home and he actually used it as entertainment for anyone that was willing to come in and listen. There have been many spooky happenings that have happened around the house and the house has actually been studied by universities, psychics, and mediums. It has been almost unanimously determined that there are definitely paranormal activities happening here and that there is at least one presence, and most likely, many more. Here are some of the stories that were included in John King’s telling:

  • John King had an aunt who loved to sit in a green rocking chair. One night while she sat in her chair, she was pitch-forked to death by her jealous boyfriend, who was a sailor. Mr. King would take the chair out and have some people sit in it while he told his stories. Some of these people, as well as John King, have said that the chair would continue to rock even though no one was sitting in it. The ghost of the aunt is also said to still reside in the home and walks around freely.

  • One particularly funny spirit was ‘The Little Man in Red’ and it seems that he was there long before even King was. This little man liked to play jokes on Mr. King and the people who would come to visit the house. John would often come down to his living room to find strangers sitting around, and they always appeared to be waiting for something. When he would ask them what they were doing there, they would always reply that his butler had let them in and that they were told to wait for him. But you didn’t always have to show up at his door to see this interesting butler. He would often find people or couples close to the house and would somehow get them to come to the house. Once he waited by the side of the road outside of Parnell’s Restaurant and when a couple stopped to help him, he told them that he was trying to get home, to the King House. After they had driven him home, he then told them to come inside and wait for Mr. King. The Little Man in Red would also sometimes wait for couples in the back seat of their cars and surprise them when they looked back to see him sitting there!

  • Another ghost that held a nickname around the home was the ‘Lady in White.’ This young woman was killed on her wedding day in a car accident on the jetty rocks, which were close to the King house. Perhaps because the house was close by, the woman decided to stay the remainder of eternity there. She proved that she could be a good housewife, even in death, as she would often tidy up and spend most of her time in the kitchen. She didn’t like any other women in her kitchen and should one of them try to cook something in there, she would surely make sure that it was ruined during the cooking process. Mr. King always maintained that he first heard her on the night of the accident and that she seemed to be crying but the sound came from his own house. He then saw her for the first time in the kitchen a few days after the accident. She would also often follow people home after they had been over visiting Mr. King and that she was most likely to go with the young girls who had come to see Mr. King but the ‘Lady in White’ always returned the same evening.

The house has also been known to have ghosts that will comically yank the covers off guests of the house and John King, when he lived there. The spirits were also known to play other practical jokes, such as open a door as soon as somebody reached out to open it. A niece of Mr. King’s refused to go into the house as she claimed that she would smell the cologne of her dead husband every time she entered the home.

The King House

The King House

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