The Villisca House


The story of the Villisca house.

In the small peaceful town of Villisca, Iowa, is a house that carries a story that is an extreme contradiction of the people you will see who are happy and quiet and wave hello or nod as they pass by. But one day in 1912, this town was ripped apart after one certain home caused much grief and distress to all who lived there.

It was on June 9, 1912 when the Moore family attended the Presbyterian Church Children’s day, which was an annual event held in the town. While there the four Moore children, whose parents were Sarah and J.B. Moore, invited two sisters, Lena and Ina Stillinger to come stay the night with them. They all went home, seemingly happy and healthy.

The next morning, a neighbor of the Moore’s was out hanging laundry when she noticed that the Moore house had been particularly quiet all day. Growing somewhat concerned, she phoned J.B. brother, Ross, and asked him to come and check in on the family. Once Ross arrived, he opened the door and found that his family, along with the two little girls that had been staying the night, had all been repeatedly stabbed to death. The entire town soon came to see the house that had been the sight of such a gruesome crime and there were many suspects in town. No murderer was ever found but it was thought that he had hid in the attic before fleeing the house.

It was just in the past few years that the house has been purchased by Darwin and Martha Linn, after they were scared that the house would be torn down and a piece of the town’s history would be lost forever. The house still remains open as a tourist attraction today and although many just come to see the site, many come in the search of ghosts of the spirits of the Moore family that are still there. Darwin Linn does however often make mention of the plant that bloomed in their yard during the entire 2 years that renovations were taking place and a closet door that will open and close when told to do so. He also talks about hearing children’s voices, and ladders and other objects that would fly through the air.

Paranormal investigators have since been to the home to see what activity is there and they agree that the Moore family and the Stillinger children are still present within the home. The investigation also concluded that there was heavy paranormal activity in the attic and this seems to be the case from eyewitness reports as well. It was the same attic door that one of the tour guides opened one day. Immediately after opening the door, the guide felt as though she couldn’t breathe and she even had to try and rake air into her mouth to catch some breath. One of the visitors on the tour shut the door for her and she immediately began breathing like normal again.

The Villisca Axe Murder House

The Villisca House

The Villisca House

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