Haunted Bars in New Orleans


The story of Haunted Bars in New Orleans.

You caught a glimpse of a few of the bars throughout New Orleans, Louisiana and the list just keeps going…

Take a stroll into O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub at 514 Toulouse Street and head on up to the second or third story or even enjoy the evening in the courtyard if you do not mind a few ghosts. As the legend goes, Angelique, owner of the home, was pushed from a third story window, by her lover, who then jumped to his own death. Reports of seeing them stroll around the upper floor and in the courtyard where the two died, are reports of cold spots. A couple of other spirits can be seen and felt on the second floor; however, this one is a mystery. Possibly another murder-suicide as the tale goes.

Jean Lafitte is known to be still planning the Battle of New Orleans at the Old Absinthe House on 240 Bourbon Street. After the bar closes in the evening, the party still goes on. The voices, music, and laughter can be heard, as well as remnants of the party can be seen the next day by furniture out of place, etc… However, many of these ghosts do not wait until the bar is closed to throw things off the walls and tables. Misty looking shadows and unusual noises also drift from the tunnels under the building.

Wish to take a trip to the restroom, alone? Well, if you are visiting Kerry Irish Pub at 331 Decatur Street you may feel the presence of someone following you or even footsteps without anyone there. Here the music is great with an assortment of bluegrass, Gaelic, and rock, which you will enjoy if you do not mind getting out on the dance floor with a partner you cannot see.

Mr. Green at one time had a tailor shop at 727 Peter Street, which is now the home to Yo Mama’s Bar and Grill. No one knows the reason behind his suicide in which he hung himself, but he still enjoys having fun and being just as jocular as he was in life. He loves sitting at the bar and playing a game or two of pool even if the patrons can only see a hazy figure.

Haunted Bars in New Orleans

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