Aunt Crecy Apparition


The story of Aunt Crecy Apparition.

Ghost stories and tales of haunted houses are usually spooky and frightening so, when one is of a friendly ghost that is when these stories seem to take a turn into the truly unreal and paranormal! But such is the case with Aunt Crecy, who used to live at 610 North Jefferson Street in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

Aunt Crecy’s full name was Lucretia Pearson and for many years she lived with her husband just outside of town. However over time, Aunt Crecy wanted to be closer to the Presbyterian Church that she attended and was deeply involved in. Wanting to please his wife, her husband bought them a town in Shelbyville that was very close to the church. After the couple had moved in, Aunt Crecy became very well-known within the community and was known as a generous, helpful, and friendly woman. Aunt Crecy was best known for her activities around the church but passersby would often walk by her house and see Aunt Crecy sitting out on her porch. Aunt Crecy loved her home very much and unless it was absolutely necessary, she never left it.

As Aunt Crecy became older and started to become very ill, it was clear that she didn’t have much time left before she passed. Even still, she refused to leave her home and it was there that she died in 1892. Many people knew of Aunt Crecy’s love for her home but not many thought that she would love it so much that she would never leave! But that’s just what happened after Aunt Crecy’s death – she stayed in the home that was hers for the last years of her life. However, Aunt Crecy was a welcome ghost and one that was not at all to be feared. People who would come to visit the home once it had been passed on to new owners, often claimed that they felt a gentle or calming presence while in the home. She was also a very helpful ghost and instead of moving objects around the home or leaving things out for the owner to trip over, she would perform helpful acts such as closing windows when they were left open.

In 1931 there was a fire in the home and although it did not entirely destroy the home, it did burn Aunt Crecy’s room. It’s said that ever since that time, Aunt Crecy has no longer haunted the home. Some think that because she’s always been such a quiet ghost, she may have simply moved to the other side of the house.

Aunt Crecy Apparition

Aunt Crecy Apparition

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