Haunting of the Woodstock Opera House



The haunting of the Woodstock Opera House.

If you’re ever in the community of Woodstock, Illinois, you might want to check out one of their town’s landmarks – the Woodstock Opera House. And you should be sure to make this a trip on your stop even if you’re not a big opera fan.

The theater is over 100 years old and is constructed in a way that is true to the design of those times. It’s a beautiful building with four interior stories and a beautiful belfry that stands for another foot and a half to make up its 5.5’ height. Not only have audiences been coming here for generations to watch the exciting and theatrical shows put on here, but famous performers have also stepped onto this stage. Geraldine Paige, Paul Newman, and Betsy Palmer are just a few of the names that are highly recognized and have graced the Woodstock Opera House with their performances. But there’s another presence here that is not only there to stay, but that also has very serious effects on those who try to take her place.

The spirit is known as Elvira and was said to be a beautiful slim girl that had blonde hair that went down to her waist. When she is seen around the opera house now, she is said to be wearing a “filmy dancing gown.” This young girl is said to have tried out for a part that she desperately wanted back in the early 1900s. When she didn’t get the part, she ran up the winding staircase that led to the belfry. When she reached the top, she flung herself off, falling five and a half stories to her death.

Elvira is said to do different things around the Woodstock Opera House. Not only does she move various props and things around the stage but she’ll also do minor things to the set such as unscrew bolts so that pieces of furniture and things fall apart when they are onstage. But Elvira also has some more serious affects on some of those who frequent the opera house. It’s been said that on some occasions, Elvira has influenced other young actresses while they are onstage. While they are under Elvira’s influence, these actresses have been said to walk up the staircase to the belfry. These same legends also say that no one has been hurt as they’ve always been stopped before reaching the top. But still, people tend to keep a close eye on the actresses onstage.

Elvira’s favorite seat in the theater is DD113 and she often likes to take to this seat. While the seats in the theater are spring-loaded and so, can only be placed down when something is sitting on them, DD113 will often be seen in the down position while rehearsal is taking place. Those that work in the theater know this to be by now as Elvira taking in a show. The seat is always checked after the show is finished, and the seat of DD113 will pop back up just like the rest of the seats in the theater. It’s also said that whenever an actor onstage misses a line, or is not on cue, that an exasperated sigh coming from DD113. Apparently Elvira thinks that she can do much better!

The Woodstock Opera House

Haunting of the Woodstock Opera House

Haunting of the Woodstock Opera House