Haunting at Gadsden High School


The story of Gadsden High School.

Gadsden High School is located in Anthony, New Mexico. And even though this building is still standing and has students today, it also still houses students from long ago.

One of the main spirits haunting Gadsden High School is known by the name of Ana. How Ana died at the school is debatable. Some think that she was forced into the basement of the building and that she was then raped and murdered by two boys she went to school with. Some though think that Ana walked into a classroom on the second floor and killed herself there. But there’s no doubt that however Ana met her end, she still hasn’t been able to leave the school to this day.

Ana doesn’t terrify or scare the students while she’s still on the school’s premises – or at least, she doesn’t mean to. She simply walks around the school’s campus, and back and forth from the building. She has even been known to walk straight through walls, just to reappear on the other side, continuing her walk as though nothing’s out of the normal.

There have been many students who have witnessed Ana’s walk but two girls saw her in the actual room where she took her life. These girls were standing at the bus stop at the school, waiting for their bus to take them home after school. Looking up to the last corner on the North side of the second floor of the school, they saw a girl in white looking out the window at them. The rest of the school was dark, because school was over. But the girls both witnessed a girl that seemed to be completely illuminated standing in that window. It’s also said that Ana still appears in her school’s yearbook, although maybe not where she’s supposed to be. Instead, she’s standing just behind the boys’ basketball team, where they are seated in front of the building at the front of the school. Perhaps she’s there to forever remind some of those boys of what they did to her?

But Gadsden High School has another prominent resident too. This one though, is not seen and is usually only heard in the last month of the year. This ghost is one of a Hispanic janitor, who became locked in the basement of the school in the winter of the late 1970s or the early 1980s. The janitor was never found, and died in the basement before he could be rescued. If you stand near the railing of this room, by the concession stand, and it’s late December, it’s said that you can even hear the janitor calling out for help.

This janitor is also joined by a third ghost that resides at Gadsden High School. This ghost is that of a young boy and his death too, is a tragic one. This boy ventured into the dark basement of the school on a dare from his friends. Unfortunately, he got lost and got trapped down there, dying before he could be found. It’s also said that you can hear this boy too crying for help.

Gadsden High School is definitely a place that can teach their students about more than just academics. With so many spirits and ghosts lingering around, there’s no doubt that some have learned a few things about the after life too! But if you’re interested in taking a look, be sure to ask a custodian where to find the ghosts – they are often most familiar with the ins and outs of the school grounds.

Gadsden High School

Haunting at Gadsden High School

Haunting at Gadsden High School