Haunting’s of South Africa


The story of Hauntings of South Africa.

South Africa is a beautiful place in which to visit and if you enjoy ghosts, legends and tales of mysterious happenings then you must visit. There are many wonderful legends and ghost stories from various locations throughout South Africa the most popular are:

Cape Town Castle in Cape Town, Mine Quarry in Cape Town, The Old Presidency, TibbieVisserlaan 13, Estoire in Bloemfontein, Avion Park Recreation Centre in Kempton Park, Celia str 1 in Witbank and The Simon's Town Museum, Housed in the old Residency in Simonstown.

Cape Town Caste throughout history is known for its inhuman treatment, torture and death of slaves and so-called traitors. The hole is where many captives were put; there was no form of light filtering into this dark and damp area. After a very long time in total darkness, the captive would be blindfolded and lead out into the sunlight and then made to look directly into the sun, which made them go blind, as the legend goes. From the hole, reports of screams have been heard by visitors.

Mine Quarry is another eerie place in South Africa. Nothing has been seen, but many have heard the abusive voices, the overpowering smell, and intense feeling of fear.

At the Old Presidency, many have had the feeling of being of being watched, but other than that a wonderful place to see.

A visit to TivvieVisserlaan will give you a scare when you see the ghostly image of a woman or even hear or call to you, and if that is not enough you may catch a glimpse of a black man that is not really there, or see windows slam closed by themselves.

A cricket player that died when he was struck by lightening on the playing field can still be seen walking around the area with his CD player or just strolling along through the corridors.

Celia str 1 was the address of a brutal murder. A woman killed her husband and their three children. It is believed she hangs around to make sure no one allows her family’s souls to be set free.

In the Simon’s Town Museum, there is a haunted painting along with ghosts in the punishment cell below ground. The painting will not allow photographs to be taken, if you do in fact get a picture it will not develop. Sounds from below can be heard of moaning and groaning.

Haunting’s of South Africa

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