spooksville triangle


The story of spooksville triangle.

Many people throughout history have seen these strange and unexplained lights in the sky. This triangle extends from Joplin, Missouri to Columbus, Kansas to Miami, Oklahoma. You can see these extraordinary lights from highway 44 and many numerous other small country roads.

One of the major points where these mysterious lights have been seen is what is called Devilsí Promenade. This is very close to the Missouri and Oklahoma state line on the Oklahoma side, just a bit away from highway 44. The light in this area is better known as the Hornet Spooklight.

As far back as anyone can tell these spooky lights have been scaring people since the 1800ís. No one has ever been harmed and several people have tried to explain the phenomena including the Corps of Engineers, but no one has been able to find a real answer to the lights that mysteriously appear and disappear in this area.

Legends revolved around the lights also vary which include:

  • A woman is still searching for her missing daughter. During a heavy foggy night, a young girl went in search for some stray cattle and never returned. Some believe the lights are from her motherís lantern when she went in search of her daughter, every night from the night she disappeared.

  • The lights are connected to the spirits of two Quapaw Indians that died in the area.

  • The lights are the spirit of an Osage Indian chief that was beheaded on the Devilís Promenade and the light is his torch. He is believed to be searching for his missing head.

  • The last legend surrounds a miner, Indians kidnapped his children and the light is believed to be the minerís lantern that you see while he is out searching for his kidnapped children.

No matter which legend is true. The lights are there on a quiet and dark night as you glance into the darkness off highway 44.

spooksville triangle

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