The Ghosts of Fort Phantom


The story of The Ghosts of Fort Phantom.

The name alone sends chills down your back, but if you found out once there you were there to visit a historic site that there were real ghosts in the area you may find yourself running for the hills.

There are many legends with Forth Phantom at the center. Many believe it is the ghosts of the Indians that protect their ancient burial grounds, while others claim that it is one man that is the most frightening ghost at the fort. At this fort where an innocent man was hung and then shortly after all of his accusers soon died in mysterious ways is where the ghost began some believe. Which story is true is all according to whom you hear the tale from and sounds they heard.

One psychic that visited the fort was reported as seeing two men in officer’s uniforms when he turned to leave all was back to normal and no apparitions were there.

Not only is the fort itself claimed to be haunted but also so is the Lake Fort Phantom Hill. Here many say lays the “Lady of the Lake”. A watery spirit, which many have seen throughout the last 150 years. She is dressed in a long light colored robe or gown and appears to walk along the shoreline. Some have said that she kind of floats across the lake at times carrying a lantern with a blue glow all around her. The local legend is one that has been passed down for centuries. It is a story of forlorn and lost love. This is the land where settlers came knowing the hardships and the fear of Indian attacks. This is the story of a couple who knew the dangers and still wished to share their lives in this area. They had a code all in place with a secret password to enter the door, if someone did not know the password you were to shoot and then ask questions later. This would be her protection while he was away hunting. Then the Indians would be shot instead of entering their home. One day while her husband was hunting a band of Indians attacked him; he was injured but did get away. He crawled to their cabin, but unable to speak before he opened the door, his wife shot and killed him. The legend is that she is the mysterious lady of the lake that must remain forever in limbo where her cabin once stood, for killing her husband. There are other legends however; this is the one that is told most often.

Fort Phantom, Texas

The Ghosts of Fort Phantom

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