Gettysburg National Military Park



The story of Gettysburg National Military Park.

Where else would you expect to find ghosts lingering besides a major battlefield where many died?

Gettysburg National Military Park is located near the town of Gettysburg in the exact location of the battle during the Civil War. The entire 40 miles of park was the scene of a raging battle from July 1st to July 3rd 1863.

There have been several different sightings of ghosts all over the entire area, which include:

  • On Little Round Top - ghostly soldiers marching along and riding horses, a headless horseman, and an old man dressed in a worn union uniform.

  • Pickett’s Field: ghostly soldiers marching along and riding horses.

  • Peach Orchard - ghostly soldiers marching along and riding horses.

  • Wheat Field - ghostly soldiers marching along and riding horses.

  • Triangular Field - ghostly soldiers marching along and riding horses.

  • Devil’s Den – Prior to the battle of Gettysburg Indian warrior ghost were seen, many have seen sharpshooters lurking around the line of tress of Triangular Field, heard strange sounds, gunshots, and drum rolls, camera’s of sightseers have been thrown to the ground by unseen hands, the apparition of a Texas soldier in worn out hippie looking clothing.

  • Spangler’s Spring – a woman dressed in white is the haunting here, this has nothing what so ever to do with the battle of Gettysburg but of a young woman that was in love with a married man, she killed herself in 1880 since the man would not leave his wife for her.

  • Culp Farm – Nothing has ever been seen only footsteps have been heard on the second floor.

  • Weiker House – Here the panic and fear can be felt in the attic and in the cellar, sounds of running, and one door remains open even after it was nailed closed.

  • Humelbaugh House – In the kitchen, the window startles many visitors with sounds of vibration, many have heard the cries for help from General William Barksdale that laid and died on the front lawn while yelling for help.

  • Cemetery Lodge – visitors have heard the sounds of people walking up and down the stairs and babies crying.

Gettysburg National Military Park

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