The Whaley House


The story of The Whaley House.

The Whaley House in the historic area of San Diego at the intersection of San Diego Avenue and Harney Street maybe a museum today, however many people including “ghost hunters” claim this is one of the most haunted houses in all of America.

Thomas Whaley built the home itself in 1856, it was home to The Tanner Troupe that used it as a theater, and it was even the San Diego County Court House at one time.

During the 1960’s many visitors claimed to see, feel or hear different apparitions, the strange part is these are only seen during daylight hours, as the home is empty at twilight. The strange sightings are still around today and if you visit, you should watch for Yankee Jim. Yankee Jim was hung on the property prior to Mr. Whaley purchasing the property and building his home. Yankee Jim still enjoys running all around the house with heavy footsteps.

While the courthouse was in operation on the first floor, with Mr. Whaley living upstairs, a small young woman was seen. As far as anyone knows, she still lives in the courtroom.

When the ghosts had enough visitors employees remember all the windows and the front door closing and locking at the same time.

Mr. Whaley’s ghostly appearance can be seen in the upstairs bedroom smoking a pipe, walking around the house and Mrs. Whaley has been seen rocking a baby, folding laundry, and tucking a child in bed. Therefore, the Whaley’s are still at home keeping house as they did in the 1800’s.

In the garden, a little red headed girl has been and she was even spotted playing with toys. This maybe the ghost of the little girl, which died after being strangled accidentally in the backyard with a clothesline.

Other eerie sounds such as children laughing and playing, a child crying, music and singing, and whistling have also been around since the 60’s.

Enjoy visiting the museum and remember to say hello to the Whaley’s while you are there. They would love the company.

The Whaley House

The Whaley House

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