Eerie Haunting’s in Newnan Georgia



The story of Eerie Haunting’s in Newnan Georgia.

Just venture south of Atlanta to a small and quiet town of Newnan may be a very relaxing and enjoyable adventure however; there are tales of eerie hauntings that you may not be prepared for as you travel through town.

If you are in Coweta County on Roscoe Road as you travel over Cedar Creek bridge be aware that you may hear screaming, have the temperature in your car drop considerably and even see the appearance of a ghost car. This bridge or the older one that was replaced was the scene of a horrible accident in the 1930’s in which a woman and her baby died. Many have even seen the lady on the bridge and heard her to speak to them.

Maybe you would rather enjoy a play at the Manget-Brannon Theater for the Arts while you are in town. This was at one time a warehouse where they believed cotton was housed. If you do decide to visit, you may not wish to take a break and head off to the bathroom. Many actors and others that work at the theatre have felt the presence and seen a man wearing a suit walk through the doors along this hallway. He may even appear standing on the corner of the stage.

If anything happens and you need to visit the Newnan Hospital, be sure you are released before midnight or you may find yourself with a ghost lady, all dressed in white during her rounds.

If you love bacon and eggs or at least the smell of them in the morning, you can always visit Northgate High School. The school was built on land that once was a plantation. The master of the plantation was killed one morning by a slave while he was eating his breakfast. Many people have smelled the bacon and eggs in the morning and in the evening, they can hear strange noises.

Enjoy visiting the Raymond Community Center to see what they have to offer however do not run scared if you see a little girl running and crying as she runs away. She is just the resident ghost.

Shopping at Wal-Mart is a great adventure as well for those that live in Newnan, as the founder of Wal-mart has been reported to grab customers while they are shopping.

Eerie Haunting’s in Newnan Georgia

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