Leap Castle


The story of Leap Castle.

Leap Castle or better known in Gaelic as Leim ui Bhanain is in Roscrea, Ireland. This castle was built somewhere either in the 14th or 15th century to protect the pass from Slieve Bloom into Munster.

Around 400 years ago, a shocking murder happened in what they call today the “Bloody Chapel”. During this time, the O’Carroll family whom were powerful Irish royalty and chieftains of the entire area called Leap Castle home.

The O’Carroll Chieftain died in 1532, which lead to a huge family battle over leadership. This battle turned brother against brother. One of the brothers happened to a priest. While holding mass for members of the O’Carroll family and chanting the holy rites, his brother barged into the chapel and thrust his sword into his brother, the priest. The priest fell across the altar and died in front of everyone present.

This was an act of blasphemy and one of the most heinous crimes committed and the evil is present all over the castle.

Other evil items were found in Leap Castle such as the hidden dungeon near the chapel. This dungeon had a drop floor, prisoners were thrown into the room, and when ready the floor would drop out from under them where they would land on an 8-foot spike below. If the floor were never dropped you would die a death of dehydration and starvation in the small little room.

When the room was finally discovered, it took three full cartloads to remove all the human skeletons that were found.

Today, the castle has many ghosts, many have seen and heard ghostly apparitions throughout history such as candles lit in upstairs rooms, feeling someone touching their shoulder, seeing a shadowy figure not totally human however, not totally inhuman.

The current owners of Leap castle bought it in the 1990’s. A couple of weird accidents happened during restoring the castle to its original beauty. However, most of the ghosts seem to be at peace now since the christening of the owner’s new baby in the Bloody Chapel in 1991.

Leap Castle

Leap Castle

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