Cursed Car takes James Deanís Life


The story of the cursed car of James Dean.

As the story unfolds, James Dean a movie star of the 50ís that had girls swooning died in a mysterious car crash in 1955. He found this wonderful and awesome looking silver gray 1955 Porsche Spyder and had to buy it no matter what. Friends told him that the car was eerie and their words of wisdom included:

  • Alec Guiness advised him to get rid of the car.

  • George Barris believed the car had a feeling of doom.

    However, James loved this car and went for a trip with a friend of this by the name of Rolf Wuetherich. At 3:30 in the afternoon, James was pulled over by patrol officers and received a ticket for speeding. On they headed up the Diablo Range Mountains. At 5:59 pm, James Dean hit a car head-on that was driven by Donald Turnupseed and was killed instantly. Wuetherich, the passenger and friend of James Dean was thrown from the car and had severe injuries but lived through the accident. Turnupseed only had a very minor cuts and abrasions. The Porsche however, was mangled.

To prove the 1955 Porsche Spyder was indeed cursed you have to follow its path on forward from that terrible night.

  • Barris bought the car to use it for parts. While the 1955 Porsche was being downloaded from the wrecker, it fell and broke a mechanicís leg.

  • Two doctors bought the engine and the drive train to use in their racecars. They entered a race on October 2, 1956 using their newly souped up racecar. One of the doctors died and in one accident and the other was seriously injured in a different accident.

  • Two of the tires were sold to young gentlemen and while driving down the road both tires blew at the same exact time. Good driving saved them from a serious crash.

  • James Deanís fan stealing parts of the car all ended up with injuries of one type or another.

  • California Highway Patrol began using the car as a part of the safety exhibit.

  • The garage that was home to James Deanís cursed car and where other California Highway Patrol cars were kept for the exhibit caught on fire mysteriously. All the cars were destroyed except for 1955 silver gray Porsche Spyder.

  • During a safety exhibit at Sacramento high school, it fell from its display and broke a studentís hip.

  • Heading to Salinas, on the back of a flat bed truck, the Spyder fell off killing the driver of the truck.

  • Within the next two years until 1958, it fell from flat bed truck going to exhibits and caused two more accidents.

  • In 1959, while on display the car broke into 11 pieces and fell from the display.

  • During the ride to Los Angeles, in a crate, in 1960, the silver gray 1955 Porsche Spyder completely vanished. To this day, no one knows what happened to the cursed car that took James Deanís life.

James Dean's Spyder

Cursed Car takes James Deanís Life

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