Anniston High School


The story of Anniston High School, Anniston, Alabama.

Every freshman girl that enters Anniston High School is told the legend by the upper classman, who knows whether it is to frighten the girls as a type of initiation or to forewarn them of impending danger.

The truthful part of the legend goes like this:

A girl at the school forgot a valuable object in her locker and she lets her friend head on to the bus and hold her a seat while she goes back to get the item she forgot. Once at the locker the girl is attacked, however, somehow during the scuffle the man is killed and to this day, no one knows what happened to his body. So every freshman girl is told never to go into the girlís locker room alone and never leave anyone in there alone.

The legend, which does vary, goes something like this:

P.E. was the last class of the day and two girls (names unknown) were running a bit behind schedule to get dressed back into their normal clothing after class. Instead of the having the normal 5 minutes to undress and re-dress, they only had 2 minutes to get to the gym and wait for their bus to take them home. They hurry and dress and do make it to the bench, however, one girl forgot her purse because she had been in such a hurry. The bell rang for them to head to their bus just as she remembered her purse. She was afraid to allow her friend to go with her back to the locker room because the bus driver may not wait on them. Her friend heads to the bus, so she can get the driver to wait until her friend gets on the bus. The girl runs into the locker room and grabs her purse, as she starts to close her locker she hears the door creak and thought someone came in. she thought it was probably her coach, so she called to them to let them know she was there and not to lock the door. She never got an answer to her call, but she heard footsteps coming closer to her. She began to hear loud breathing and knew someone was behind her. She dropped her purse and started to run, but was grabbed and pulled back toward the lockers. She fought him off even though her clothing was  completely torn. He was strangler her and screaming at her to shut up. She did have enough strength to over turn a row of lockers on top of him; he lay there unmoving and un-breathing. The bus driver did not wait and her bus was gone when she got there. She called her mom and asked her to come and get her from school. The police were called; in the girlís locker room all that was found was the girlís purse, the pulled down lockers and a large pool of blood. There was no body! The girl so terrified over the experience could not bear to go to school. The family soon moved and no one has talked with them since.

The latest incident occurred in 2001.

Anniston High School

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