Cortachy Castle Ghost


The story of Cortachy Castle Ghost.

If you enjoy eerie tales then you are going to love the one centered around Cortachy Castle north of Kirriemuir in Angus, Scotland. The Cortachy Castle is the family seat of the Ogilvy Clan. The ancestors of the Ogilvy clan were the first Earls of Angus after Scotland was a united country. It is believed the Ogilvy family aided William the Lion when he was attacked while hunting, thus William the Lion gave them land and titles.

Over the next four centuries, the Ogilvy Clan grew more prosperous and powerful with each marriage and more land and money was added to their fortune. However, power always attracts enemies and the Ogilvy Clan had many. All of their strongholds were destroyed except for Cortachy Castle.

Now the Earl of Ogilvy was not a person that took lightly to anyone that sided with the enemy or was a bit too friendly with his wife and sometime during the medieval times, a drummer was thrown from the highest turret of the tower. Rumors of course floated around about the exact murder and of course the reasons why the murder took place. No one really knows the reasons or the exact way in which the drummer was killed. Some say that the drummer was stuffed into his drum prior to be thrown over while others say he was just tossed over with his drum. The reasons why are just as many, some believe he was having an affair with Countess of Airlie the Earlís wife, while other believe he helped the enemy enter the castle, or did not drum the warning sign. Either way, the terrifying murder did not go unpunished. As the drummer was dying, his last words were a curse that he placed on the Ogilvy Clan.

For many years after the death of the drummer, the mysterious and haunting sounds of drumming was heard by many prior to a death in the Ogilvy Clan. In 1844, right around Christmas time a Miss Dalrymple was a guest at Cortachy Castle. While she was dressing for dinner, she heard the drumming sound. During dinner, she asked the host about the drumming and of course, the Lord and Lady Airlie were terrified. They explained the story and stated the last time the drummer was heard the first Lady Arilie passed away within a few days. The very next morning Miss Dalrymple heard the drumming once again, she decided to flee from the castle. Within six months, Lady Airlie committed suicide believing the drummer was foretelling her demise.

On August 19, 1849, an Englishman was there to visit Lord Ogilvy; he heard the drumming as well. The Englishman questioned many while he waited to meet with Lord Ogilvy; however, no one he spoke with had heard the drumming sound. The Englishman was told by the servants, that Lord Ogilvy had to leave quickly to attend the 9th Earl of Airlie because he had become very ill and needed the Lordís presence. The Earl passed away the next day.

Since, that day, no one else has ever admitted hearing the drumming sound. Maybe the curse placed by the drummer was carried on long enough for the revenge.

Cortachy Castle

Cortachy Castle Ghost

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