Pawley Islandís Forewarning Ghost


The story of Pawley Islandís Forewarning Ghost.

No one really knows the story behind the gray man that haunts Pawley Island off the coast of South Carolina. However, many believe he is there to warn others of impending danger usually hurricanes.

There are three main legends centered around who this mysterious gray figure could be which include Mr. Perceval Pawley who settled the island or the lover of Charleston Belle. Each legend has its merits and reasons that each one of these individuals could be returning to Pawley Island to warn others and protect them as well.

However, whoever the gray man might be, you might happen to meet him if you are strolling along on the sand dunes at the beach. If you do happen to catch a glimpse of the gray figure, it would be a good idea to leave the island and head for the main land.

Mr. Perceval Pawley loved the island and this would be his main reason for wanting to protect it.

Charleston Belle was in love with a man that was not accepted by her parents. The rumors around Pawley Island say that they were cousins and that the love of her life was considered a scoundrel. Because her parents did not approve of the relationship he was forced from the island, however, he vowed to return and make her his wife. After awhile, Charleston Belle heard that her love had been killed in a duel. She was grief stricken and went into deep mourning. A man that had recently lost his wife drew Charleston out of her depression and they married. They lived on the island during the months of May through October. Her husband joined the Revolutionary War in 1778; while he was away, a hurricane hit the island. During the hurricane a brigantine was sank of the coast of the island. It was believed everyone aboard the brigantine perished; however, one of Charlestonís servants noticed a man in the water. He saved the man from death and took him to Charleston for aid. When the servant arrived, Charleston noticed the man was her long lost love. She fainted at his sight, he realizing she had married another ran off to die alone on the mainland from a fatal fever. She went on with her life, but never forgot her one true love. However, the love he had for her was so strong even after his death that he appeared to her prior to a hurricane and asked her to leave the island. She did travel to the mainland and when she returned to her home, her house was the only one spared from the devastating hurricane.

Pawley Islandís Forewarning Ghost

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